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With the current coronovirus pandemic, we will not be doing home visits at this time. If you are experiencing issues, we will work with you remotely to provide guidance and help until such time we feel it is safe to travel again.   May God Bless and Protect you during this time.
Testimonial from a client we helped from afar:

​​We purchased a house in Savannah in the summer of 2018 and when we moved in we definitely felt some residual energy in some of the rooms. Had a feeling of being watched every now and then and would experience a strange noise or two. I would sometimes catch something in the corner of my eye. We didn't feel threatened or anything but we knew something was there. The activity finally escalated in January of 2020. We were being touched, we felt something climb into bed with us. Other family members visiting were talking about their experiences. We still didn't feel threatened but we felt obligated to help whoever was here to move on. That's when we reached out to Tammy. We spoke to Tammy for probably more than an hour explaining all of our experiences. She was very thorough and professional in her analysis and questions. At the end of the conversation, we felt comfortable enough to try to handle this on our own with her guidance and instructions. That night, Tammy put together a comprehensive plan of action, including every little detail of what prayers to say, how we should do it, and what tools we needed prior. She also gave us guidance on what to do in the meantime before we administered the prayers. We can't thank Tammy enough for taking the time to help us. The house has never felt better. We no longer feel like we are being watched. We are now comfortable in the rooms that once made us feel uneasy. We haven't experienced any unexplained noises. Most importantly, no one has been touched. Thank you again Tammy for providing us with the tools and confidence to help our situation.