Three stages of Demonic Activity: 

Infestation - During the infestation stage, the goal is to cause fear, generating negative energy, which can start to break down human will.  Simply put, infestation means the house is haunted. Note:  not by ghosts, remember we are talking about demons here.

Demons are not chaotic creatures that can strike anyone at will.​  They are subservient creatures of God.  Demons claim rights to act solely over the free-will choices of the people with authority over what they want.  This is usually the owner of a building or body they wish to afflict or inhabit, but sometimes is an ancestor.  God does not wish the demons to harm humans, but his perfect justice allows it up to a point.  He will not violate our free-will and force us to turn away from demons.  He wants people to experience the truth of the relationship with Satan and hopes they will come back to Him.
Some traits of demonic infestations:  (Do Not Assume if you answer yes to one or more, you have a demonic infestation - only after an investigation can that be determined)​​

      Black Shadows - forms can vary in sizes.

      Bad Odors - These are very revolting odors.  They tend to not linger long in one place.

      Demonic Nightmares - Persistent and Repeating and out of character. 

      Being Scratched.

      Wounds - Sometimes people are choked or caused greater harm, causing bruises and bleeding.

      Sleep Deprivation - There is usually loss of sleep due to phenomenon happening as the person
            ​is going to sleep or their sleep gets interrupted.

      Fights and Arguments "out of nowhere" that typically stops when they leave the house.

      Attacks on holy symbols or items.  Often times being damaged, thrown, moved or even disappear.​​​​​​​

Oppression - This is when the spirits haunting the house are trying to take over the people or person living there.  During this stage, the spirit will set in motion a plan of incredible phenomena or set out a psychological attack, completely dedicated to dominate the victim's will.

​Demons often develop a relationship or consent with a person, or family line over years before it evolves into demonic oppression.  This is because the demon will not cause us concern until they have enough rights to remain without the person's ongoing consent.  At that time, the demons will start controlling the person through threats and punishment.  One example is conjuring devices where a person will use a device (Ouija board, automatic writing, etc.) to continually communicate with them.  You may think you are communicating with a friendly ghost, but remember, you never know what is truly responding to you.

Some causes of demonic oppression are:

     Ongoing spirit communication.

     Occult or black magic rituals.

     Living in a location with a demonic infestation for a time and then forming a relationship with them.

     Consecration of a family line to demons by a previous generation.

     A life of deep and prolonged sin, possibly combined with drugs and alcohol what weakens the mind of the person.

      A demon being sent to harm a spiritually vulnerable person.

     Being the victim of a curse in some form while being spiritually vulnerable.

     Submitting to non-Christian faith healers, psychics, energy healers, mediums, card readers, or occult practitioners.

Possession - When a person makes an informed free will choice to give demons the rights to control their body.

​The demons can be present in a body but not have the rights to take it over.  The demon needs
explicit permission for to take over the body.  Once rights are given over, the person might experience hallucinations, have false memories and very foreign thoughts.​

Once a person is possessed, people around them will notice a significant difference.  The possessed person my attack family members, try to scare people, attempt suicide, write bizarre things on the wall, speak foreign languages that they didn't know before, have black outs, hear voices, etc.​​

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls.