Private Residence (Leesburg, Va)  --  ​Family had been feeling they were not alone in the house.  Certain rooms they entered they could feel multiple presences.  Was able to record 3 EVPs -- 2 being a young child and the third being a quite angry male.  At one point, when my EMF detector had been placed down allowing the spirit to touch and let us know they were there, moments later, it went flying off the table, at an arc, and hit my foot.  Tried to get the spirit to do it again and nothing.  We then tried to debunk it by sitting it on the surface and trying multiple tactics, one being actually hitting the side of the table -- it would not fall off.  Pretty evident at that point, they didn't want me there.
​Private Residence - Ashburn, VA

Wife woke up in the middle of the night twice and saw a small girl, approximately 8 years old standing at the foot of her bed.  The same night, within a 4 hour difference, one of the children woke up to see a dark male shadow figure in his doorway, then reappearing by his bed.  The husband nor the other children had seen anything.  So it was concentrating on the wife and one of the children, a son.  ​​I had done an investigation several months back and did not get enough evidence to firmly determine what was there, if anything.  This time I decided to step it up a bit and take another male investigator to see if the additional male energy could help call out what was there  --  It worked. 

Once we were done, we did a house blessing with Holy Water.  As we were completing the blessing in the basement, we picked up a Hissing that was clearly heard after reviewing the audio the next day.  We are hoping that was a sign that the malevolent entity left.  So far, the homeowners have reported no further occurrences. 

Private Residence  - Ashburn, VA       

Son would wake up in the middle of the night seeing a man on fire in his room.  Nanny would also sense something in her room, as well as the light outside her room would switch on, in the middle of the night.  House is only  a couple months old; built new.  Could find nothing that happened on the property. 
During the investigation, we received over 150 EVPs total.  Nothing negative towards the family whatsoever.  From what we were able to determine, one spirit said he was showing himself because - his words HAVE A GOOD TIME.  In the son's room, they loved making the ovilus flash as well as the REM-pod.  At one point we decided to check the batteries to ensure that low voltage wasn't causing the two devices from going off.  We put fresh batteries in both and still they would continue to go off,  even when we asked them to stop.  So we ended up turning the ovilus off, all together.  It is still a mystery where all the spirits came from and why they chose that particular home.  We did request they leave and/or, at least, stop scaring the family.
Once done, we did a blessing of the two rooms with Holy Water.   Homeowner reported activity has reduced since we were out and their son is not having issues sleeping in his room.  They said they can sense things are better since we went to the house.

Private Residence - Herndon, VA    

​​Family experienced lights coming on; heard knocks; smell of  something like cigarettes or rubber burning; new appliances acting up and one of their cats scratching at the door of a guest room to get in.  When we did our initial walk thru and base line readings, the two rooms we felt a presence in were the Master Bedroom and one of the Guest Rooms, so we concentrated on those two rooms.  There were plenty of spirits to go around that night.  Nothing malevolent at all.  From what they told us, some of them were there prior to this family owning the house.  After getting a sense of the number of spirits er were dealing with, we then worked on reasoning with them to either leave or stop all the stuff they were doing.  Got a great EVP where about 5 responded agreeing.  Pretty COOL!  Afterwards, we did an entire house blessing with Holy Water.  They have reported no further issues.


We have done hundreds of cases; below is just a small sampling of some of our more serious Cases:

Private Residence - Charlottesville, VA  

The client was complaining of noises, footsteps, items moving, multiple voices - as though a party was going on -, and being watched. She had limited her time living there and temporarily moved out, due to being so frightened. During the investigation, there were “visitors” in both bedrooms and in the bathroom, which were very responsive to questions. Nothing demonic was there; it appeared to be a handful of earthbound spirits. When asked who was causing specific events, the name Ahmed/Ahmad kept being named as the culprit causing a lot of the things frightening the lady living there. A couple incidents that occurred that had us scratching our head:

First curious event - I was in one of the bedrooms asking questions, lights off – after a while, the other investigator came in and stepped on something as he walked through the door. There was a normal size broom, handle broken, so the handle was only about 6 inches, lying in the doorway. We had walked in and out of that room a dozen times when doing baselines and setting up equipment. There was never anything in the doorway or something that you could avoid, when walking into that room. There were only two of us in the house; the lady that lived there had left us alone in the house and went to visit with a relative while we investigated. We had locked the door after she left, so no one could have walked in on us. Unfortunately, due to the location, we did not have any cameras set up to cover that area.

Second curious event – We had been told that the basement always had standing water, the pump was broken. It was basically, a big open area, not finished. You would enter the basement from outside and down concrete steps. The door had a padlock and key. After we had investigated the house and attic, and I was starting with the prayers, my fellow investigator said he was going down to the basement to check it out. By the time I had finished my prayers, he had come back into the house. He had mentioned the water was quite deep, almost to the top of his shoes. We had decided to hit there one more time before leaving so we could bless there as well. So as we are leaving, we head back down stairs, and as he opens up the lock, he gets this odd expression on his face. The water, at this time, only 15-20 minutes after he had just been down there, was pretty much gone. There was a thin layer on the floor but not the depth he was actually trudging through just a little while earlier.

Private Residence - York, PA 

​​​The client had been plagued with activity for years.  Items thrown, attacks, growling, hissing, voices, banging on walls and scratches, to name a few.  He had a Pastor come bless the house and when the Pastor was in the attic, he got choked.  He had Catholic Priests come several times; the last time the Priest did a Deliverance on the home.  The activity continued.  The Priest suggested that he get a team in to see what is in there.  The client had been concerned that anyone he brought in would get harmed.  He reached out to us and we decided to go see what we could find.

When we arrived we saw that the entire house had blessed objects from top to bottom.  None of the blessed items were ever disturbed.  ​​During the investigation, you could tell something did not want us there.  We received numerous hisses on our equipment.  But not at one point, did we get attacked.  Some of the tactics we used, should have been enough to anger any demonic spirit there.  The EVPs were numerous, equipment going off,  but no attacks on us.  At the end, we did our prayers and blessing of the house.  Things calmed down for a few days then started back up again.  It was then we decided we would have another couple go back with us, to try to determine what we were dealing with.  

On our next visit, after setting up all the equipment, we had the other couple begin and get their impression.  The first room they went in, there was a growl directed towards the male - not through any equipment but heard directly.  As the night progressed, we pulled out all stops and was determined to find out what was there (tactics will not be reviewed here - as these should not be done by anyone not fully trained or prepared for what might happen).  It appeared that the entity was hiding from the guys so I went in to one of the rooms to see what I could stir up - I got a lot of responses but no attacks were made on me either - except at one point a loud bang rang through the house that we could never discover where it came from.

What was determined:  After the Priest did a Deliverance on the house, any physical attacks stopped but the activity continued.  The Priest was successful in riding the home of the Demonic Spirit but there was a human spirit still there that was portraying himself as a demon - but with limited abilities.  These abilities were scare tactics and basic parlor tricks.  He also was responsible for all the other human spirits there and controlling them as well.  It is extremely hard to rid a home of an evil human entity that does not want to leave.   So we tried another tactic (not disclosed here), and when we left everything seemed  much lighter in the home.  We are waiting to see if this worked; as of now, the client is no longer experiencing a lot of the things he experienced before.  Only time will tell. 

Private Residence - Manassas, VA NOTE: To ensure the owner's privacy, some details will be left out and only a few EVPs will be available.​

​​​Client had been involved with the Ouija board when she was very young along with members of her family. By the time she was an early teen, she discovered she had a “friend” that was with her and stayed with her from then on. She felt it was a protective spirit that looked out for her. She had been in an abusive relationship where this “friend” attacked her first husband one night in bed. As an adult now, married again with a child, she has accepted this “friend” who has always been in her life. She went to a medium who told her it was someone she knew in a previous life. What prompted her to contact us is that now she has noticed cold spells and growls starting in her son’s room. She said she was ok with her “friend” being there but wanted to know what else was going on.

It sounded like we were dealing with an attachment. But in this rare case, we discovered, this one was actually not harmful -- except that time, 17 plus years ago, to her abusive ex husband. We did perform a milder than usual investigation until we found out if this “friend” would find us as a threat and attack us. There were many there and this “friends” origin was not from a previous life – but through a Ouija board, along with a few others that admitted to it. We did our normal Prayers and House Blessing and things have settled down.

She was very lucky - she had the recipe for something very evil coming through on the Ouija board.  These are not toys as the toy companies would have you believe.  They should not be messed with.  ​​

Private Residence -  Highland Springs, VA 

​​ Family had lived in their home for 15 years. They would hear and see things but nothing that made them frightened – they ignored the occurrences. Then, a few months ago, the father went into the kitchen to put away the kitchen towels after doing laundry and, as he opened up the drawer, there was a suicide letter just sitting there, on top, in plain sight. The paper was old but not ancient – maybe 8 – 10 years old from what we could gather, due to the yellowing. It was written by a young girl to her dead parents. There were several odd things about the letter as to why was she leaving a suicide letter to her dead parents and not someone living; why did she sign both her first and last name to the letter? It just seemed odd. The family tried to debunk it by comparing the handwriting from the letter to people associated with the family, but nothing matched. Then not too long after that, they noticed someone had moved the cereal box in the kitchen that they kept on the counter top - it was turned backwards, the internal bag was refolded in a twisty manner – like the top of a Hersey kiss, vs being rolled down. Then they noticed the bathroom door in the hallway was closed, which they never closed, and outside the door on the floor was a handful of the cereal from the box, that had been tampered with.

We did discover it were the spirits there that had messed with the cereal box, due to the responses we received during the investigation. They also owned up to the suicide letter as well.  We suggested a burial and blessing of the letter and gave them instructions on what to do or what to have a clergy perform.

We did our normal Prayers and House Blessing and things have settled down.   At this time, all things are quiet and no further activity has been reported.

Private Residence - Chester, VA 

​​​Client reported activity in relation to hearing voices, being chocked, shoes falling off the shoe rack on command, and the back door opening when securely locked, to name a few. When we arrived we did sense this heavy feeling in a couple of the rooms. As we were sitting up the equipment, we left a voice recorder running alongside a spirit box in the master bedroom, where the majority of the activity was said to occur.

I walked outside to speak with the client while my partner finished sitting up the rest of the equipment. Shortly after, he came out asking if we had been in the house. We had not and when we went back in, the back door, that had been not only closed but locked (both me and my partner confirmed earlier), was sitting wide open. Then the door to the guest room, where someone had felt like being chocked, was not only opened but opened outwards – it was supposed to open to the inside. Something had forced the door outwards and actually bent the hinge. My partner who had been in the next room had heard nothing but the recorder picked up what appeared to have happened. You can hear the EVPs below. It was as if something wanted out and wanted out bad. After that, the whole atmosphere of the home changed, it was not nearly as heavy. During the remainder of the investigation, we did get quite a few EVPs but were human responses – unlike whatever blew out of the house when we got there. One EVP (listed below) actually said IT wants out. Hmmmm “IT” - what was the “IT” that wanted out and almost took a door off the hinges and blew open the back door in a hurry to get out.

Final determination – whatever blew out of the house was the malevolent entity. We did see the shoes slid off the rack but the rack was at an angle so some of it was due to the natural progression of the shoes sliding off – although not all of it.

We completed with our Prayers and House Blessing and things have settled down
During the recording of this video, we were unaware of the guest room whose door was jerked to open opposite of the way it was intended.  We can only assume the comments from the spirit box was referring to that.
Private Residence - Red Lion, PA    ​

​​Client had been experiencing activity for quite some time. The baby (less than 2 years old), appeared to be the most affected. Although the adults in the house would see dark shadows, hear voices; feel someone had bump their bed – to name a few incidents – the baby was clearly seeing what the adults could not. The house appeared to have a mixture of human and in-human spirits. The baby would clearly be heard through the baby monitor “baby talking” with someone(s). But there would be times, when the baby would see something that would scare her so bad she would scream bloody murder. On our first visit, I carried the baby throughout the house to witness her reactions to different rooms. In one particular room, as I am holding her and watching her reactions, she looked around the room as though she was seeing a room full of people – averting her eyes at times due to fear. There was no one else in the room at but me and my partner; everyone else in the family had waited downstairs. They had no pets. At one point, the baby looked up at the ceiling watching something with a frightened/confused look on her face. My stomach dropped as I knew from a previous investigation that was possible evidence of an astral parasite – which I have nicknamed Critters for anyone that knows me. Although I have only actually seen one once, I do know from researching that there are more categories of them than anyone can determine. Although critters can be dangerous and hard to get rid of, at least we had a better idea of what we were dealing with there. After our investigation, we proceeded with our process of ridding the residence of the human and in human spirits. When we left, everything felt much better. The following day, the client called saying the activity had started back up. This left us scratching our head as the procedures we used has always worked in the past. As I am talking with the client and going through everything we did, making sure we didn’t forget any rooms, they realized they had two crawl spaces they forgot mention. Those crawl spaces actually will weave through to the neighboring house. Honest mistake, the crawl spaces had been sealed and never thought of after that. We arranged to go back. We did another small investigation of the two rooms that contributed to most the activity. During this session, I was threatened and my partner scratched. They were not going without a fight. Once we were done, we proceeded with the prayers (both for crossing over those human spirits being held captive there and the prayers to rid the place of the inhuman spirits); we also did another fumigation, concentrating and hitting the crawl spaces hard. To date, all activity has ceased. The baby is sleeping at night soundly; no more talking to anyone or screaming out of fright.

Note: A lot of what we did to rid this home of the infestation was left out for a reason. NO one at home should try what we do on their own. If not done with the right people or the process not done correctly, it could backfire and cause you real harm.

Private Residence - Delaware     

​​Shortly after client moved into their home, the husband started hearing knocking sounds in the bathroom. He decided to see if whatever was in there would respond to him using the knock technique – knock once for Yes and twice for No. He got his wish – after a long series of questions, it revealed to him it was a 17 year old girl that died from a drug overdose in the bathroom. Besides the knocks, his wife would feel being touched in bed at night, the children claimed to have seen a monster and they would hear voices, amongst other occurrences. We were not convinced there was a 17 year old girl there but kept an open mind. It turned out they had a parasite, what I call a critter. Although parasite symptoms can be parallel to demonic symptoms, the one thing I have learned about critters, after dealing with them on other cases, is they are not religiously based. Religious provocation or religious items have no effect on them vs the effects those items would have on a demon. Never the less, they can be very dangerous and hard to get rid of. This particular one did not want to leave. It took a very long time, using specific prayers over and over again, to get rid of it.  Were there human ghosts there as well?  Possibly as some of the evidence is inconclusive if the critter was the only houseguest they had. 

Note:  A lot of what we did to rid this home of the critter was left out for a reason. NO one at home should try what we do on their own. If not done with the right people or the process not done correctly, it could backfire and cause you real harm.

​​​​​​Since whatever was there was avoiding us, I decided to stay alone in the back bedroom to see if it would come back in with just me there, as it had a history of picking on the wife in the house. I felt it return and yelled for my partner to return, so we could continue – what I never knew until reviewing the evidence later was, it spoke right before I called for my partner. 

Private Residence - York, PA  

​​We originally did this case about 2 years ago. It initially was a demonic case where they had to get the exorcist for the diocese involved. After that, the client continued to experience issues but not to the degree he originally had. The exorcist had him get a team in to determine if he was dealing with human or inhuman spirits. That is how we got involved. At that time, what we determined was that there were still a lot of human spirits there and one in which we considered very malevolent. It took several trips to get everything settled. Now two years later, the client started experiencing issues again that he felt to be very malevolent. We went back to York, PA to see what was going on. Right during the walk through, my fellow investigator had his St Benedict Medallion ripped off his chain right in front of me. We also heard a growl shortly after that happened. Knowing what ever was back at this residence was definitely extremely malevolent, we proceeded cautiously. After getting equipment setup, we went back into the room where the medallion had been ripped off and started the session there. We were only in there about 20 – 30 minutes before, while the investigator, once again, standing right in front of me, had the medallion ripped off again. Mind you, the chain was still in place around this neck. So it was an act of medal through medal. The ring to the medallion was not affected, it was still perfectly shaped and no opening appeared. From that point on, I said we would switch and I would wear his and he would wear mine. The rest of the night, the medallion never came off again. During the Q&A session in that room, I asked specifically about that episode and got some “interesting” answers. 

We completed with our Prayers and Blessings and things have settled down. At this time, it is unclear what stirred this up again. The town is very old and has a lot of history. Could it have been a “drive by” that decided to hang around. No idea………….

Private Residence (Ashburn, Va) 

Client complained of uneasiness since the time he and his family moved in; almost 4 years ago. The house is only 8 years old and no documented evidence of anything ever happening on that property. Despite the uncomfortable and uneasiness that the adults were feeling; their 2 year old son would wake up in the middle of the night having bad dreams. At times, he would also laugh as though he was playing with someone no one else could see. Any immediate family members or guests that spent the night in certain bedrooms would have bad dreams and sense an unfriendly presence. The wife would feel as though she was always being watched.

During the initial walk through, there were a couple rooms on the main level where you could sense something – nothing bad, but there was something there. It wasn’t until you walked upstairs that it hit you. The entire second level where the bedrooms were located, felt as though you were walking through mud. Even trying to have a conversation was difficult due to the heaviness. There was only 1 of the 4 bedrooms that felt good, which was the room they had setup as their prayer room.

Based on the investigation, the negative spirit there we pretty much deemed to be a dammed soul. The negative energy it exhibited was strong but once we started the actual investigation, the energy was almost nonexistent. There were other human spirits there we worked to cross over and so far, the energy in the house feels good. We did our normal house cleansing as with all cases. I went back a week later as the client was local, and I felt nothing present at that time. Where did it come from? No idea; maybe the original home owners would have some insight but they moved away a long time ago.

Private Residence (Buckhannon, West Va)     

​​​I will have to say this case was the most disturbing to date. There is a lot that the client experienced but I will just briefly cover some of it here. It was a pure demonic case. Activity started many years ago when our client was a mere 18 year old moving into a new home with her family; she is now in her 50’s. Activity occurred from the time they moved in. But over the years it gradually got worse. At one time, the client has had her fingers dislocated twice. Once from being slammed into a cabinet door again when slammed in her closet door. They had to keep the breaker turned off to the stove as it would come on at any time. She has been locked out of her house with her dog and witnessed lights turning on as she is sitting outside waiting for her mother to return home to let her in. It got to the point where they would hide a key outside since it happened so often. Dark shadows; visible to the eye goo like manifestations would slither through the house. Items would disappear and some would later be found on the blades of her ceiling fan. They have heard walking in the attic that sounded like horse hooves. She has woken up to being choked by a decorative netting she had installed above her bed. It was wrapped around her 3 times with one end that she could see extended in air as though some thing was tugging on it. She has been stabbed in the foot by a fork; when she turned around to ask her mother where that came from, her mother said she saw it just appear out of thin air. Once while the client was walking into the kitchen something went flying by her head into the living room. When she turned around her mother walked over to the wall in the living room and saw a pen sticking in the wall. She couldn’t just pull it out; she had to dig it out of the wall as it had dug its way into the drywall. Although she still lived at home with her mother and brother – father deceased - it targeted her for some reason. The mother and brother would see and experience things but the rage was always directed to the client. The entire family has abilities but the client’s abilities are truly amazing. She could see one of the entities that were at the home. She was able to describe it right down to the color of its eyes. I will not disclose that description here as to give it any acknowledgement. She encountered this ‘demon’ visually 3 times – once while away from the house. Although I am use to having dry bys when dealing with a maleovant or demonic case, the dry bys this one did at my house crossed the line a couple times, to the point where I had to call my partner in to assist me in doing an emergency clearing at my house. The dry bys stopped after that.

From what we believe, this all stemmed from the land and something very bad that happened there a long time ago. That coupled with the abilities my client has, drew all of this to her. The entity or more would be with her during random trips into town. It basically was attached to her but not all the time. Her entire family is devout Christians which I feel was her only protection during the years. When things got really bad, she would start praying and things would calm down. The entire surrounding town where she lives has a high population of people that practice witchcraft. Shortly after arriving at this home when she was 18, she went into the woods with a couple friends and witnessed a coven performing a ceremony. They were spotted by the witches and chased until they arrived back to her house. Could a curse had been place on her/them at that time by the witches that caught them spying on their ceremony? Who knows……

This case was approached a lot differently than the others. We had no desire to communicate with the demonic entity or entities that were there. Our plan was to place cameras and recording devices around the house and then proceed with the clearing and cleansing. We also choose to perform this on our time, not its time – we started before sundown. There are times when doing an investigation is a good thing prior to a clearing but other times, it is foolish when you already know what you are going to be dealing with. We have no interest in any type of souvenir from a demonic entity. All we needed was video or audio evidence that would get picked up by the stationary equipment placed in the home before the cleansing started, just in case the Church needed to get involved.

Conclusion: With the grace of God, the night went well. Although we did experience a few things, for the most part nothing that we could not handle.   Due to her abilities, she will always have a ghost or two around her; she has had that since she was 5 years old and was able to see and speak with the dead. Only time will tell but the Client was left with guidance on how to protect herself going forward and she is onboard with everything we discussed. And she knows we are just a phone call away.

Update:  By the grace of God, we were able to get the Catholic Church involved.  There are some cases, that need more than one visit, depending on the rights an entity thinks it has to a location.  Due to the distance, we were able to get a local Catholic Church Priest to come to this family's aid.  Praise God!!​​

Private Residence (Woodbridge, Va)   

​​This case started out as a Ouija board case. The children, adults now, played with a Ouija Board when they were kids. They experienced activity the rest of the time they were children there up to the time they moved out. Due to the passing of their parents, they went back to start clearing out the house. Things were still occurring – medal trays being thrown, footsteps, etc. The basement had a very heavy, negative feeling.
The Ouija Board they played with as children, remained in the house. Our first order was to ensure any remaining sessions that had been opened and never closed were finally closed. We then proceeded to do a burial ritual of the board. When we then went to start the investigation, it took a turn that we did not expect. One of the spirits that we encountered was actually their father that had passed away a year ago. He was adamant he was not leaving. Although there was at least one other spirit there, a female, we concentrated on helping their father to cross over. He was angry and did not want to hear any of it. We finally had one of the daughters come with us to the basement to speak with her father and help us convince him that he needed to move on. It was a very emotional time for all. The daughter spent a good time trying to get her father to understand he needed to cross over. We did the crossing over prayers and he got very quiet. We were not sure at that time if he had just shut down or actually move on.
The next step was the house deliverance. When we entered the basement again, it felt very different. It was light and comfortable. I feel the father did move on. To hopefully add closure to this family, we will be going back in a few weeks and see if he is still there. Dealing with random spirits at a location is one thing but when you are actually dealing with a client’s family member, it really was far more emotional.

Private Residence (Manassas, Va) NOTE: to ensure the owner’s privacy, some details will be left out..

This family was under attack by a distant relative that is suspected to have given themselves over to the dark side.  I will not provide a lot of details to ensure their privacy is kept.  I will though provide the last visit we did with them.  This was to try to break the evil the distant relative was sending to harass them.  If anyone out there is questioning their faith, this may change your mind.  Although I will leave it up to everyone to come to their own conclusion, we all that were present knew what we all experienced.  

After a long period of prayers, we started doing the cleansing/fumigation; anointing each door/window with blessed oil, and using holy water in each room. I had our new member, who is clergy, with me. Along with prayers he was anointing each door and window with blessed oil. We also had the entire family engaged in the process using the incense and holy water -- things were going very well. We finally went into the basement. This area was one of the places that this long distance relative had spent a lot of time in the past; conjuring up the dark side.

I had walked over to the middle of the room to get a sense if what I had felt earlier was still there. The area felt good. The Reverend then came over to me and asked if I had already anointed the door in the basement with oil. I said no as I did not have any oil with me, just the holy water. I asked the family if they had ever used blessed oil and they said never. The Reverend then mentioned when he was down there earlier doing a walk thru, the cross that was now present was not there at that time. That was maybe 45 minutes to an hour prior to us entering this time. It clearly resembled the marking where someone takes oil and makes a sign of the cross over the doors and or windows.  No one besides us and the family was at the house – no one had been downstairs besides us as everyone was gathered together doing prayers. Everyone was speechless. We just stood and stared at the cross that was displaying on the door.

Private Residence (Tysons Corner, Va.)  NOTE:  to ensure the owner's privacy, some details will be left out.

​​​This family had been dealing with issues for over a year in their apartment. Without going into a lot of details in regards to the issues they experienced, more importantly, I want to tell you about the resolution.

We went to their home twice - they are Islam so we did a joint prayer session - they used their Koran and we used our Christian prayers. Nothing was working. We started doing a lot of research and reaching out to others in the field that had possibly dealt with Djinn issues - that is the Isman equivalent to our Demonic. During one of the prayer sessions, as I was doing an Exorcism prayer over the home, I could feel the spirit right beside me – the prayers were having no effect. We were at a loss and had to regroup - hoping to figure out what our next step would be.
A few weeks later, I heard from the family. The wife remembered someone had come to their home the year before to do prayers and left the prayers behind for them. The wife had a strong feeling to get rid of them. She dug them out and the family performed a prayer and burning session of the pages that were left behind. She said initially, things felt a little weird. But then, they felt peace. The energy in the home shifted and this spirit was finally gone. Things have been good since then.

So what does this tell us? Somehow this person that came to the home a year ago, had something very bad attached to them that stayed behind and attached to the prayers. Moral of the story - be very careful who and what you allow in your home.